Monday, January 27, 2014

mood blanket monday week 4

Good Morning!  

We are four weeks into January, and I am still going strong on my mood blanket.

My moods for this week:

Spent time in the stUdio working on some Tinkerbell invitations for a friend.
Day 19
The dreaded stomach bug hit me at 3:00 in the morning on day 20.
Day 20
I spent two days in bed.
Day 21
I could have spent a third day in bed, but there was too much to get done before I headed back to work.
Day 22
Finally feeling more like myself, but still nauseous and tired.  Being sick sucks (and it doesn't look good on my blanket!)
Day 23
Feeling calm and philosophical on day 24.
Day 24
Stayed home most of the day in my sweats, making beef stew and cleaning the house.  Finished the day with a family movie night.
Day 25

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  1. I love this Michelle!
    I had never heard of a mood blanket before ;)


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