Friday, June 14, 2013

scrapbooking on canvas

Our middle son has had the same teacher for the past two years.  We love her!

So I created this scrapbook page mounted on canvas as her end of year present:

Originally, I wanted to frame the layout, but when I couldn't find a frame I liked, I opted to mount it on a 12x12 gallery wrapped canvas.  Sometimes things work out for the better--I loved working on the canvas and being able to go over the edges with some of the embellishments:

My process:
1) choose and cut papers and photos, and layout without gluing
2) prepare background paper (cutting, misting, stamping, painting, etc)
3) add stitching where desired

4) paint edges of canvas to coordinate with background paper
5) use Mod Podge for Paper to adhere prepared background to the canvas

This stuff, as my boys would say, is BOSS!  It's acid-free and won't yellow over time.  Its matte finish makes it barely noticeable, and any ripples and waves that occur during application magically disappear when it dries.  
Paint a thick coat onto your canvas, press the paper down.  You can touch up the edges and even put a thin coat on the top of the edges to adhere them down well.  Fingers work well for this.  I also put a coat over my cut words to keep all the little letter pieces down.

6) add any embellishments as you normally would

And you have a ready-to-hang piece of canvas art!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Wowww so nice ! Love colors and sketch. I like working on canvas too, and sometimes I scrap the background using paints or inks.


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