Wednesday, May 29, 2013

wish-i washi

I spend altogether too much time on Instagram.  Probably, if I could tear myself away from all the inspiration over there, I would have a whole chunk of time to create some stuff.  

Sometimes it's just easier to look at what everyone else is creating.

When Sherri Funk's washi tape layout appeared in my feed, I dusted off the ol' scrapbooking supplies and created this:

So fun to be inspired to create, and even more fun to have something to show for it!

The challenge comes from Chic Tags.  They post a new challenge every Sunday.  Check them out!

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  1. LOVE this so much. It was such a treat to see an IG friend, not only become inspired by my work, but to then turn around and put that inspiration on paper, and link up with us at Chic Tags. So glad you got back in the game. Hope this means there's more to come, b/c you've got some crazy mad skills girl :)


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