Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chalkboard Art

Last fall I refinished an old frame into a chalkboard {blogged here}.

This chalkboard hangs in a corner of our kitchen:

Once or twice a month, I change the phrase on the board.  Sometimes the words are a reflection of something happening in our home.  Sometimes it's just an inspiring quote that I come across and like.  Many of them come from my Pinterest board  i♥ W O R D S

As I was going through photos on my hard drive, I came across some of the boards I had photographed in the past year.

 i {heart} words and i {heart} chalkboards.  Put them together and it's {heart}2.

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  1. I love "breathe it all, love it all out"...beautiful to see all the moments in time captured in such an inspiring way!


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