Thursday, October 18, 2012

a little pinspired project

I am not just an aimless Pinner.

I swear.

Sure, I can spend hours pinning and repinning {and pinning some more}.  But my Pinterest profile reads, "when i'm not pinning, i make time to create"

And by golly that's what I'm going to do.
Who even says that anymore?  By golly.  I also caught myself saying "goodness gracious" to my neighbor this morning, and I've been known to utter the occasional "good grief." I'm such a nerd...

Anyway, with the spirit of creating in mind, I have a little Pinspired project to share with you.

I loved it the second I saw it, and when we vacationed at the beach this summer my oldest and I made a special trip to collect rocks for this project.

Now, please bear with me as I go off on another tangent.
Heck, I've already digressed into a confession about my nerdy phrase choices.  Why stop now?

I have wonderful friends, several of whom are gifted with amazing creative talents.  I am a lucky girl to be surrounded by such inspiring people in my life.  One of these friends gave me a priceless gift for my birthday this past year.  It brought me to tears.

She altered a cigar box with vintage items, including a piece of one of her Gran-gran's hats (see: tear jerker)

and filled it with one of a kind crafty items: vintage Japanese fabric and wrapping papers, antique buttons, pompom fringe, old postcards, a lace hankie.  She loaded it up with creative goodness only she would know I love.  This just may be my most favorite gift ever.

Now back to the Pinspired Project.  I used several items from this beautiful gift to create my rock piece: the felted heart, the fabric scrap, the vintage button, the book print.

It was the perfect marriage of meaning-filled objects and a Pinspiring idea.

A match made in heaven.

 I've fallen in love!


  1. Nobody can combine the raw materials like you can....beautiful:)

    1. Your felted heart makes the whole piece! Thank you!!

  2. Thank you Michelle, this is so gorgeous!!!! mine is very poor... :)

    1. Pure nonsense! I absolutely loved yours from the second I saw it--that's why I had to make my own!


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