Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Make}ing Progress Crop

There's a crop going on at Scrapbook Heaven this weekend!

It began yesterday, but it's definitely not too late to join in. 

You've heard of Progressive Dinners, right? You travel from home to home eating a different course at each stop. Well, we're putting a scrapbooking spin on that idea to bring you March's Crop Event: {Make}ing Progress. Here's how it will work: Beginning on Wednesday March 28th, each of the DT will share a daily challenge with you. Each day after, through Monday,  we will add a piece to the challenge. In the end you'll have a completed layout (or 4--one for each DT progressive challenge). And because we know you girls are crazy mad scrappers, we'll be sprinkling in some sketches along the way to give you even more inspiration to create layouts.

What: {Make}ing Progress Crop
When: Wednesday, March 28th through Monday, April 2nd
Due: Monday, April 9th at midnight eastern time

Sounds fun, right?!  Stop in the forum and play along with us.

Here are my first two days:

It's day one of my challenge.  Today we'll build the foundation for our page.  

1) Begin with your photo--please only pick one.  I know this is sometimes hard, but choose a favorite, something that speaks to you and has a story to tell.

2) Now chose 4 coordinating patterned papers to go with your photo.  They can be subtle patterns.  A good rule of thumb when mixing patterns is to vary the scale of your prints.  I also like to combine stripes with polkadots with florals with geometrics.  Be careful about choosing patterns that are too busy--you don't want them to compete with your photo or embellishments.  You'll also need a background paper (this can be a solid if you would like).

3) Trim your chosen 4 papers down so that they create a square or rectangle when laid two by two.  Try to make the total shape more than 8" and less than 11".  They don't all have to be the same size--it's up to you.  Here's a little visual in case you need it:

Now stick them down onto your background paper.  You can do it smack dab in the center, or skew it toward one of the sides--again, totally up to you.

4) Are you with me so far?  We're almost done with day 1--you're doing great!  OK, so stick with me here.  I want you to stitch around the edge of the shape you just made.  I can hear you moaning!  If you have a machine--it's simple, give it a go.  If not, grab a needle and some embroidery floss and start stitching.  Any kind of stitch will do, even the little x's.  And you don't have to stitch all the way around, just as long as we can see some sort of stitching around the border of your patterned papers.

5) This last one will be optional; I don't want this to be too torturous!  See that background border around your pretty patterned papers?  It might need a little somethin' somethin'.  Try dripping a little paint, or sponging a little ink, or maybe do a squirt of mist.

A peek at mine at this point:

Hey, you came back for more!  Hooray!

So yesterday, you chose a photo that really spoke to you.  Maybe it's of a special person in your life, or a place you visited, maybe it's even a picture of you (for that you should get double points!).  In any case, it's a photo with a story to tell.  Grab a pen and paper and write down what you think when you look at this photo.  Record the story.  Do this without censoring yourself, because this little bit of writing won't actually be seen on your layout.

Now we're going to make a mini-envelope to tuck this away into.  If you have any pre-made envelopes, you get a free pass for this one--you lucky duck!  If not, don't worry, making an envelope is easy peasy.  Here are some links to free printable templates:

Just download, print, cut, fold, and glue.  You could even print it onto some pretty patterned paper--just print onto the backside so you won't see the cut and fold lines on the front. 

Tuck your heartfelt writing into the envelope and you're ready for Day 3!

And here are my Instagram progress shots after the first two days of Vero's challenge:

See the whole progression thing?

Hope you'll join us for the fun!

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