Saturday, March 31, 2012

{Make}ing Progress Crop Days 3 & 4

Day Three:
Alrighty, today it's all about the embellishments.  We're going to jazz up this layout with oodles of embellies.  This is always my favorite part!  Go through your stash and pull anything and everything that matches your colors and speaks to the theme of your page.  Don't worry, you won't be using it all on your page, but it helps to see what you have to help you choose what to use.  

Did you think you were getting off that easy?!  To prove that you really looked at your stash, here's what I want to see on your finished page:
1) chipboard--it can be pre-finished, you can leave it raw, paint it, stamp it, cover it with paper
2) 2 brads
3) something punched or die cut
4) a button
5) {this one is optional b/c I don't want to be known as the Scrapbooking Sadist!}  something you created with your own two hands.

You are not limited to just this list, but you must include at least this list to be following the challenge. :D 

Now lay your photo down somewhere on the patterned paper mat you created on Day 1 and begin arranging your embellies on your page until you get an arrangement you like.  Don't forget to include your mini envelope you made yesterday.  Sprinkle some embellies on that, too.

Don't feel like you have to commit and glue it down.  Come back and look at it throughout the day, sleep on it.  

It's looking great!

My heap of embellishments:

Day Four:
It's the final day!!  Pat yourself on the back for making it this far!  

So you have this fantastic LO that is coming together so nicely: pretty papers, a beautiful photo, a fabulous story, some fantastic embellishments.  This LO is not lacking much, but one thing it does need are some visible words (remember, we tucked your journaling into the envelope?).  Let's add a few meaningful words to this page.  Don't worry about whole sentences or lengthy paragraphs.  Just single words that support the mood, the theme, the story you're telling.  Cut them from paper, book print, type them and print them and cut them out, use word stickers, stamp them onto strips.  However you want to do it, just get at least three words on there.

While you're at it, if you think your page needs a title, add that too.  Or maybe the words you just added will serve as the title.

My words:

And one last embellishment for this page, just because I love them and feel like my pages aren't complete without them lately: use a border punch to punch some accent strips for your LO.  You can place them along your photo, or across the midpoint where your patterned papers meet up, or along the sides of your page, or along the edges of your patterned paper mat.  Put a punched border or two {or more} anywhere you think it makes sense.

A border:

Glue everything down and you are done!!  

Here's my completed page {and I used the March Petite kit that I love so much!}:

All completed layouts are due in the Scrapbook Heaven forum by Monday April 9th at midnight EDT to be eligible for prizes.

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