Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pinspire Me Monday: Tiered Cake Pans

 Happy Monday Thursday!  
Wish I had a good excuse as to why this is so darn late.  
It's too late to claim a turkey hangover, or to say I got tangled up in the Christmas lights.  
Really I've just been up to my tree topper in handmade projects (more on that later).  

And who knew that in late November, Massachusetts would have mild-enough temperatures to be spray painting outdoors.  Originally I had planned to do a Pinterest Recipe-Roundup for this week, but when temps hit the 60's over the weekend, I grabbed the half-empty can of spray paint and got busy on a last-minute

Here's the original from Alissa Fast:

Genius, right?  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it. 

So I headed to the dollar store for three different sized cake pans.  Then it was off to the wood store for some wooden candlesticks.  No luck, so I had to improvise by piecing together some little wooden gizmos.  Wish I had taken pictures of the pieces before I assembled them, but I can tell you the topper is two pieces, and the other two are made from 4 pieces each: a bell-type piece, a little rail, and two mini candle cups.

These are great for holding craft supplies, but how about make-up and perfumes in the bathroom, or jewelry on the dresser, or as a serving try at a party (minus the spray paint for that one), or the kid's little toys and figures.  Lots of possibilities with this one!
I'll be taking the rest of December off from Pinspire Me Monday so I can keep my sanity getting ready for Christmas.  We'll resume in January with more Pinspired projects.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Found your beautiful and inspiring blog via Pinterest by googling tiered cake pans. Your blog is fun, original and easy to navigate. I'm sticking around for awhile, and coming back for more.


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