Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Square-A-Day: The final 3!

I know it's mid-June, but I'm on my own creative calendar with these crochet squares: the deadline-free, do-it-for-fun kind of calendar.  So here we go with the FINAL THREE!!  Yippee!

Day 28:
So this is anything but a peace sign.  I simply followed the stitch pattern and ignored the color changes.  It took me a few tries, but I figured out JudyK's RVS (reverse v-stitch).  I really like how that formed the corners of the square, but now that I am looking at my square I'm noticing an error.  Can you see it?  I knew it was a bit off, but I was rushing to get it finished to include in this post.
Peace Sign by Judy K {pattern here}

 Day 29:
 This was one of my faves.  I love the scallop edges and the dimension.  And I learned the proper way of doing a BP double and single crochet!
Yarn Clouds by Amelia Beebe {pattern here}

 And a look at the beautiful texture:

Day 30:
 Of course I loved this one--it's a flower.  This one was deceptively easy and was simple to convert to the smaller size.   I especially love the hexagon center and the texture created on the base of the block (green on mine).
Kaleidoscope Blossom by Chris Simon {pattern here}

The Crochet-A-Long is over but my blanket is not big enough for a real blanket.  My goal is to make it about twin-bed sized.  I'm a little more than halfway there.  So I've searched through Ravelry and fave'd some of the squares I'll be making in the coming months.  This project has no deadline (it's a present for myself), which may not be a good thing.  I'm going to shoot for winter so I 'll have something to snuggle up under while cozying up with a good book and some cocoa.  

Here's the first block I've completed:
Popcorn Parade by Melinda Miller {pattern here}
Sorry for the totally messed-up photo.  The block is not this crooked in real life, honest!

Thanks so much for checking out my blocks during this C-A-L.  I had tons of fun.  And a huge thanks to Melissa for organizing it all for us!


  1. I loved following all your squares. It's truly inspiring. Hope to see a blanket come winter.

  2. Really lovely granny squares :D Kudos!


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