Thursday, June 2, 2011

Square-a-Day: 23 through 26 {and a work in progress}

May is over, June is here and I am nearly done with my squares.  Some of these last ones hung me up as I tried to resize them. Here we go:

Versailles by Melinda Miller {pattern here}
 It's hard to pick a favorite, but this one is definitely in the running.  I just love the way it came out: the sun burst inside the circle and the shell border.  Not sure how much I'll be loving those shells when it comes time to  join this square to the blanket. 

Bright and Cheery by Dayna Audirsch {pattern here}
This was a fun square that worked up quickly.

Birthday Flower by Chris Simon {pattern here}
This one took a bit of finagling to resize.  This is another one for my list of squares to make in 12" size.

Blooming Lace by Melinda Miller {pattern here}
 I think I said it before, but I really love Melinda's patterns.  I'm sad that this one didn't have room for the beautiful lace.  Another one to make 12".

I'll leave this post with a work in progress shot:
Granny's More Complex Star by Tiggerbee  {pattern here}
This is day 27, a beautiful square, but I'm trying to decide what to do: do I follow the pattern and end up with a square too big for my blanket, or do I try to turn this hexagon into a square...hmmm.  This crochet business is not as easy as it looks!


  1. So many beauties here and I love your adaptations.

  2. Where did you get the pattern for Day 27?!

  3. Thank You friend. I will use the sun medallion pattern for a blanket, i needed a few extra pretty squares. God Bless and keep on crocheting. Cathy


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