Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pinterest: my new crush

I think I first found out about it on Twitter.  So I jumped on the bandwagon of inspiration-seekers and beauty-lovers and happiness-finders and requested to join Pinterest.  I now cannot pull myself away (so much so, my 9-year-old had to cook us dinner tonight--thank goodness for Hamburger Helper).

What is Pinterest?  It's a virtual inspiration board that doesn't need any wall space.  As you browse the web, you can add pins {an item you post} to your pinboards {a visual collection of things you love} for images you come across.  You can also see what others are pinning and add their pins to your own boards.  Here's a sampling from what I have pinned:

from Share Some Candy via Pinterest

from Curly Girl's Crochet via Pinterest

from Sarah Ahearn via Pinterest
You can see the rest of my pinboards here

And what's more, each image links you to the website where it was originally posted which = tons of new inspiring blogs to visit. {sigh} I am gonna have to stop pinning at some point before tomorrow night so I can make dinner for the fam, though.

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