Saturday, March 5, 2011

A new camera and some layouts

I'm still without a camera which is why the posts around here have been pretty sparse lately.  The happy news is that this is on its way to me:

But for now I am borrowing my sister's extra camera so I am able to snap some pics of my layouts, specifically my reveal for Scrapbook Heaven.  So here goes. . .

the Elite:
I love it when a piece of paper does most of the work
I could scrapbook grids all day long (especially with cute kid pics)
This is for an upcoming class I'll be teaching in a webshow later this month.

 Petite kit:
Scrapping some vintage 70's photos (I'm dating myself here)
a little banner love

This one uses bits of non-kit product (the bg paper, beaded trim, pink flowers, ribbon)

For some strange reason, tis post took me two hours to write.  Oh, wait I know why...I kept browsing through Pinterest!

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