Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines for Kids

Every year, the boys and I make handmade Valentine's for them to hand out to their classmates.  And every year, they're a little bit older and can help a whole lot more with the production of said Valentines.  I will be sad when they become too old for this tradition.

I got the idea for this year's treat in an email from Northbridge Media.  Roree Rumph made these adorable Valentines:

I just loved them to bits! 

Nothing says LOVE like a handmade Valentine, and nothing says "handmade Valentine" like glue, scissors, paper hearts and doilies!  So we improvised and used some doily paper hearts from the grocery store to make pop holders in the same design as Roree's.

If you can spare a few minutes before Monday, it's not too late to whip up some homemade Valentines of your own.  Here's what you'll need
 All it takes is 5 easy steps:
  1. Glue the doily to some cardstock for added stability.  The cardstock also provides a place for the giver to sign his/her name (or write "secret admirer!").  Trim around edges.
  2. Glue patterned paper heart to center of doily.  (I made a quick template by tracing the inside of the doily and cutting it out of cardstock.
  3. Adhere punched hearts (or you could substitute stickers).
  4. Punch holes to thread ribbon through.
  5. Tie knot around pop stick and adhere Valentine greeting.

Happy Love Day!! XOXOXO

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