Friday, February 11, 2011

Art Journal Friday

Went all week with hardly anything to show in my art journal.  Week two would be way to early to flake on this commitment, so I grabbed some watercolor paints and dusted off the chalks to create a couple of pages:

First, I need to say that I can not draw for beans (ok, maybe I didn't really need to say that, you can see for yourself).  It makes me sad to think that as child I really didn't care for art class.  There was a lot of drawing involved, and drawing frustrated me.  My eyes played tricks on me and my hand wouldn't listen.  I could never get my drawings to match what I saw in my head.  I gave up on "art."  As an adult, I still can't draw, but I have learned to embrace my non-drawing-self.  And every so often I'll put pen to paper and attempt a little drawing.  I've learned to be OK with whatever the outcome is.  Maybe someday I'll take a drawing class...
Tried out some new Smooch Spritz earlier this week.  Did some drips and some ink blowing, splatted a bit of metallic and pearl alcohol inks.  Really just throwing some mess down.  Just a little experiment.  Got me thinking about these mediums a bit, and got me inspired to try out some other ideas I have.  Sometimes you just need to play with no real concern for the outcome--that's the beauty of an art journal.

Happy Friday!  Hope you will take some time to play with your creative side this weekend!


  1. spent a great week making Valentines with all my students in all my groups, using napkins, stickers, glitz and glop. I think that is the unfiltered energy in an art journal. I need to keep that going in the weeks I don't have a holiday project to work on at school:) thanks for the reminder.

  2. So true! And I need to see some "glitzed and glopped" Valentines!

  3. I should start an art journal. I just can't keep a journal going for long. Your drawings look great!!


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