Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art Journal Week One

I have not forgotten about this project, I just haven't worked out a way to fit it into my schedule.  It's like anything else: exercise, quality time with the hubby, reading a good book; creative time has to be worked into the schedule.  I'm pretty settled on the idea that I'll create a page for my art journal every week.  I may be able to create that page in one sitting, or it may take me all week to get 'er done, but I think one a week is an admirable and achievable goal. 

Here's my page from week one:
It's a page from Jessica Sprague's Inspiration Everywhere class.  The bottom portion of the page is a booklet that opens to hold a list of my New Year's resolutions.  I'll keep adding to this list throughout the month, and heck maybe I'll keep it ongoing throughout the year.  Who says resolutions have to just be for New Years?!

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  1. Beautiful page! And I'm delighted that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!


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