Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiration Everywhere Progress

I made some time this week to set a few other projects aside and work on Jessica Sprague's class Inspiration Everywhere.  I'm going hybrid with this--what can I say, I like dimension.  Here's my progress so far:

 The Cover:
I wanted the binding on the short edge of the page, so my silly brain flipped the design to landscape mode.  I know I could have just kept it as is and bound it at the top (sometimes I'm really good at overthinking things).  But now that I see it, I really like the horizontal format.

 I put next year's date on this--figured this year is all but gone, and it'll be nice to have a fresh new journal to start the new year off with.  Stitched the label with floss, and of course added some butterflies and bling.

This is the inside front cover.  Jessica designed that coral piece as a pocket to hold the dedication of the journal--she's so stinkin' clever!  Another blinged butterfly, but still need to write my dedication.  I'm thinking there will be a few small cards sticking out of there for: my husband, my children, myself.

I cut a translucent piece of acrylic to protect the cover, covered a piece of bookboard for the back cover.  Sandwiched between the covers is a large stack of cardstock for the pages.  I decided to do all cardstock on this one so I can do lots of collage and painting and create a big old mess--so excited!

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  1. Great job Michelle. I need to carve out some time to catch up.
    Cindy F


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