Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another day, another apron

I was thrilled to find out that my crafty apron was featured on Tip Junkie yesterday.  Well, after a bit of poking around at the other featured aprons and doing some searches  of other altered apron art, I stumbled upon this adorable little waist apron.  It's made from an old pair of jeans--seriously!  I had to make one, like right now.  So I ditched the old to do list (to do's are overrated anyway) and set straight to work on my little version.

from Kleas
First, I hacked into my jeans--these had major gashes in the knees, and I had already cut into them to make this journal. 
  • Cut across the legs just above the top of the inseam.
  • Cut along the outside of the side seams (I cut to the stitching of the pocket--see top right of photo above).
  • Cut along the waist band in the front keeping the belt loops and button in tact--see photo below
  • Sew yourself a little ruffle for the bottom.  Here's how: hem the bottom and sides of a strip of fabric.     Fold the top of the fabric to create a hem and use the longest stitch on your machine to stitch across; don't backstitch.  Knot the top and bobbin threads together at one end, then pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric.  Easy peasy! 
    • With right sides together, pin the ruffle to the bottom of the jeans and sew together.
    • Make a *belt* to dress up the top of your apron (or use some coordinating ribbon).  Here's how: cut two lengths of fabric (mine were 2.5" x 21" but I would have done 3.25" x 30" or so).  Sew a hem on the two ends. Fold the strip in half the long way and sew along the length.  Sew one end if tube closed. Turn right side out (this takes a bit of time--watch tv).  Iron smooth.  Stitch one end under the first belt loop closest to the button (back of apron).  Repeat with other side.  Thread through loops and tie in bow.
    • Embellish your apron.  I layered some flowers and glued them with Aleene's OK to Wash It. 


     Strap on your new little apron, stick some tools in the pockets and get to work!
    Note: when I put this on to show the boys, my middle pipes up with "That looks weird, it looks like it's on backwards'  Hmmm, he may have a point...


    1. hi Michelle!! thanks for leading me to your blog. i love seeing your apron...it's adorable!

    2. These would be great gifts...where will you be selling them?

    3. Great way to preserve those cute jeans with the embellished rear pockets that were so popular a few years ago. I wish I had not donated my daughter's jeans, I'd love to make one of these for her!


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