Monday, March 15, 2010

A mish-mash of Bloggie catch-up-ness

My, how time flies when you're taking an unplanned break! Didn't really mean to be on hiatus this long. Didn't really mean to be on hiatus at all, truth be told, but sometimes one day turns into the next, and then on into a week, and well here we are. So let's move on to the crafty stuff I've been up to lately, shall we?
First, Method Playground's challenge is in full swing. This week: use white out on your layout: use it as you would paint, to distress, as a spot for your journaling, to accent patterned paper, to edge your photos or your papers. For my very simple LO, I wrote the letters of my title using white out tape and wrote my journaling along some lines of tape. Check out what the rest of the DT did here.

Did a little sewing last week and whipped up this little tooth fairy pillow from an old blue jean pocket. With three boys, I am never at a loss for jeans with holes in the knees. I never throw them away, so have collected quite a stash of them. It's a thrill to come up with a project that uses bits of blue jeans. The pillow is sewn out of super soft fleece, and the pattern for the tooth is from a pattern created by this chicita (as seen in this sewing calendar that I {heart}.)

Perhaps the reason I've not been creating very many layouts lately can be blamed on my new passion for crochet. Oh, how I am so in love with this new crafty form. The projects whip up so, so quickly (which makes impatient me very happy), and the look of crochet can be so varied. I was on a mission last week to scout out some free patterns on the web and here's a couple that I found and used:

My first go at this hat was not pretty (somehow in joining each round I was increasing the number of stitches resulting in this point that stuck way out at the back of the hat). I tore the whole thing out and carefully counted each row to keep it in check. The hat took only about 3 hours. (Did I mention how much I love crochet?!) I haven't permanently attched the flower yet because I'm on the fence about adding a third color and layer to it.

[Here's the link to the hat and flower pattern. Note to self: bookmark all patterns so I can share them]

The pattern for this cuff is from Crochet Me. I love these 8-petal flowers. I'm going to make some more and stitch them together for a headband.

Well, that's my craftyness for now. It's good to be back!


  1. Wow, I am so amazed by your crochet abilities! They look impeccable. And what a cute tooth fairy idea! I will definitely have to try that one.

    I would like to invite you to a blog giveaway I'm having this week...come check it out!

  2. You are a crocheting savant...very handy to have one around:)

  3. awww I LOVE crafts, these are so cute!!

  4. When I think a couple of months ago, you said you couldn't crochet a flower?! Awesome project!! and I love your page also ;-)


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