Monday, January 11, 2010

First Layouts of 2010

I played along with a few challenges to jump start my scrapbooking for 2010.

The first is for Capture These Sketches:

And this one is for Pencil Lines:


  1. thanks for the great ideas for the preschool scrapbook i`m making for my son...he just graduated on March 31, 2011! now he`s off to kindergarten...i`m finishing his little scrapbook that the school had started....then i`m going to also add to his scrapbook that i am making for him from the time of birth to the time he becomes a man and finishes school...and moves on into man hood...hopeful that he will then decide to go to collage and then i will be making a scrapbook of that as well! Just think that its something that he would like to look back on one day and see that i have kept track of his life since day one...when he has children of his own, he may like to do the same or even share his scrapbook with my future grand kids! Thank you so much for the great ideas you have gave me. I`m sure i will be looking into more of the scrapbook ideas in the future for other areas of his "LIFE SCRAPBOOK". Just wanted to tell you that you have gave me many ideas and i am very thankful!
    Thanks Again!

  2. Thanks so much for writing me! I love that you are documenting your son's life in the pages of scrapbooks. It will definitely be something that he and his future family will look back on and treasure. Have fun with it!


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