Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School

The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to "take stock" of your children, so to speak. Here are some ideas of ways to document the first day of school to help you remember them at this very moment in time:


  1. Record their first day: Have your child tell the story of their 1st day (who better to tell this story than them!). Use their words as the journaling for your page.

  2. Record their favorites: food, friend, book, movie, tv show, musician, song, color, pastime, sport, etc. Older children can record these in their own handwriting.

  3. Record their size: shoe size, clothing size, height weight, age

  4. Write a letter to them.

  5. Have them write about their hopes and dreams (for the year, or for their life)


  1. Trace their hand.

  2. Have them write their name.


  1. A full portrait of them standing in the same spot each year (we use our front door)

  2. Their backpack

  3. Their new school shoes

  4. All of the school supplies

  5. The front of their school (particularly if they are starting a new school)

  6. A stack of the books they read over summer

  7. Them with their siblings

  8. Them with each of you, the parents

  9. Standing at the bus stop

  10. Them getting on the bus

  11. The bus driving away

Do you have any back to school traditions you include on your pages? Please share them!


  1. Fabulous back to school pages and ideas!

  2. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. :)

    I really love the traditions you have with your kids! I took a quick peek and love your work. it's awesome!!!


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