Thursday, November 12, 2015

crochet : christmas baubles

Hello, friends!  Thanks so much for popping in.  
Yesterday, here in the States, we observed Veterans' Day to honor the people who serve in courage to protect our country and freedoms that we so often take for granted.  I spent the mid-week day off from work hooking up some Christmas baubles.

They are super fun to make and work up fairly quickly.  I am excited to make bunches of baubles to give as gifts this holiday season.  

If you would like to hook up some of your own, I am happy to share the pattern with you:

Materials: size F hook, dk weight yarn (or light weight worsted), 3" glass or plastic ornament bulbs
Finish each round with a slip stitch join and fasten off.
round 1: in a magic circle, ch3, 11dc {12dc}
round 2: working between each dc from round 1 (not in top of stitch) work 1 hdc, ch1around {12 hdc, 12 ch1 spaces}
round 3: 3dc cluster, ch 1 in each ch1 space. (YO, insert hook in space, pull up loop, YO, pull through 2 loops, repeat 3 times, then YO pull through all 4 loops) {12 3dccl, 12 ch1 spaces}
round 4: sc in each of the 2 stitches of the clusters (the large stitch of the cluster & the chain stitch), dc in space between stitches {24 sc, 12 dc}
round 5: dc in each of the 2 sc from rnd 4, ch1 sk dc (24 dc, 12 ch1 spaces}
round 6: 2hdc in ch spaces, 1hdc between 2dc from rnd 5 {36 hdc)

Make 2 and don't fasten off the final round of the second medallion.  Weave in all ends.  
Place the two sides together, right sides facing out, and slip stitch all the way around to join.  Go around about 3/4 of the way, insert the bulb and continue slip stitch joining.  

I gave a full tutorial on Periscope and the replay from Katch is embedded below.
You can check out the rest of my crafty Scopes at Katch.
Join me on Periscope for more crafty scoping fun!


  1. This was a super little project. I am so glad I found it. I hope to make up a few for my co-workers. Th and you.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm happy you found it too. Happy crocheting!

  2. Wow, love these so much Michelle! Who doesn't like pastel colored yarn trees? I would adore a tree full with these, but don't think I could make that many, hehe. Merry December!


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