Monday, September 22, 2014

crochet meets cross-stitch

Like so many of the best projects, this one began with a Pin:
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How incredibly cute is that?!!  I love the whole project, but I specifically loved the idea of cross stitching on crocheted fabric.  I just had to give it a try.

Laly was so sweet to share her cross stitch rose pattern to which I added the DMC floss colors I used and marked the center.

I began by creating the crocheted "aida" cloth using Lily Sugar and Cream white cotton yarn and a size 7 hook (4.5 mm).  I went down a hook size because I wanted a nice tight stitch.  Ch 41.  Turn, sc in second ch from hook, and each ch across (40 sc).  Ch1, turn, sc in each sc across (40 sc).  Repeat each ch1, 40sc row until the piece is a square (this will be more than 40 rows).  Weave in ends and now you're ready for the cross stitching.

Find the center of your crocheted cloth by folding it in half each way and threading a piece of yarn into that stitch where the two creases meet.   

Begin cross stitching following the color pattern and counting the placement of the stitches. 

Tips: *keep your stitches consistent; i.e. whichever way you make the X, make it the same each time so that the line on top is always facing the same direction.  (I didn't do this because I am a cows-stitching newbie, but I do think it looks more polished if you do)

* stitch over your beginning tail to keep it in place since the stitches of the crochet are large enough to allow knots to pass through.

This project took longer than I thought.  I was a bit obsessive about counting and recounting my stitch placement so I didn't mess up.  If you are a cross-stitcher, then this will be a breeze for you! 

It is hanging in a spray-painted frame in my craft room studio.

 I really love the look of the cross-stitched crocheted fabric.  Check out more inspiration on my Pinterest board:

C R O C H E T♥ {cross-stitch}

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