Thursday, June 18, 2015

crochet coffee cozy

Hey there!
Wow, two posts in one week--it must be the beginning of summer vacation.  I'm still in work and productivity mode, not quite fully transitioned over to long, lazy sun-filled summer.  So I better take advantage of that and share what I made for a bunch of teachers, staff and bus drivers to thank them for a fabulous year.

 These hook up surprisingly fast using this pattern.  
 Once I started making them,
 I couldn't stop,
 which was good because
 I needed a lot of them.
 There are so many people to thank
 at the end of the school year:
 bus drivers.
I created a little packaging for them with a coffee cup cut file and my Silhouette, slipped in a Starbucks gift card and they were good to go.

I used lots of different motifs to adorn the cozies (because. well. variety.).
Below are links to as many as I could find online:

(followed diagram)

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