Tuesday, July 2, 2013

getting stitchy

This summer I joined a club.

I love Wild Olive's fanciful designs and, I loved the concept of a weekly pattern emailed to me.
So I signed up without hesitating.  
Then I kind of regretted it.  
One thing I did not need was another project hanging over my head, another unfinished object staring at me from a basket.  I already had two crochet blankets in the works, a pair of slippers that I started two years ago, a December Daily album from 2009, an embroidery sampler from a class last year, and well, we all know how this year's Project Life is going.

But then Mollie's first pattern arrived in my inbox and I was in love.

I gathered some supplies from my stash
and got right to work stitching fabric hexagons (my first time doing paper piecing) and cutie Wild Olive summer motifs.

So I'm all in, stitching away these summer days, and hopeful that this is one project that will not end up in a basket of UFO's.  Being motivated by everyone else's progress on Instagram definitely helps.

(and stitching is the perfect little poolside project.)

I'm pretty sure you can still sign up here if you're interested.

What little crafty projects are you working on this sumer?


  1. That's absolutely adorable Michelle!

    1. Thanks, Alexandra! It's been the perfect fun little summer project!


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