Thursday, November 1, 2012

holiday card challenge 2012

A few years ago I did a Christmas-card-a-day series here on my blog.  It was lots of fun and saved me from the monotony of mass-producing the same card over and over.  This year I'm thinking of doing a similar thing again.
(especially since my good intentions of making 10 cards each month of 11 designs this year kind of didn't work out, not even a little bit.)

Each week in November, I'll share two Christmas card designs.  My plan is to reproduce each card 10 times so I'll have 100 cards at the end of the month.  5 weeks, 2 designs each week, 10 cards of each design, 20 cards made a week.  Yea, I think I can do that.  Do you notice that little bit of hesitation in my voice?  

Maybe you'll want to play along.  It will definitely keep me motivated, for which I would be eternally grateful.  So, if you're planning to make holiday cards this month, or would like to join the challenge with me, please link up your creations with the InLinkz tool in the side bar.

I hope you will join me--it'll be fun!

I'll post my first two card designs soon!


  1. Great idea. Not sure if I can handle it. Thinking about it.

    1. There are no rules, MF! Make as many or as few cards as you want. You def don't need to do all 100! Just link up whatever holiday cards you make--I would love to see them! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yay! Can't wait to see your beautiful cards, Michelle!

  3. Please play along, Jules! Please, please!


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