Friday, September 28, 2012

a bit of crochet

A small bit of crochet has been going on here.  A very small bit.

But I'm gonna post it anyway b/c the patterns are so worth sharing.

I'm into mandalas.  They're appearing in my art journal, as doodles in notebooks, and now in my crochet.  They relax me: their repetitive, yet changing patterns, their circular shape.  This one is from the lovely Barbara from Made in K-Town {pattern h e r e}
I stitched it onto a fabric filled embroidery hoop for hanging.

And then there's this little guy.  Absolutely adorable, right?!?  You can find the pattern at Ravelry.  

I'll be hooking up a rainbow of these little guys for various loves in my life.

Finally, there's this project that has not been getting much love lately:
Heidi Bears African Flower Hexagon 
Join-as-You-Go technique

Shall we do a little compare and contrast?

Photo of this project taken 199 days ago (thank you, Instagram)

I'll save you the math.  That's 10 vs 16.  That's a difference of 6 little hexagons . . . in 199 days.  We can just round up to 200 (since I won't be adding any between today and tomorrow).  I'm averaging one hex every 33 days.  One hex a month.  Hmm, maybe I'll rethink the plan to make this a blanket and try this instead.

I have loads of other crochet projects, patterns and inspiration pinned on my 

Happy Creating!


  1. I never thought to put anything crochet on a fabric lined embroidery hoop. I love it! It's so colorful :)

  2. You crack me up Michelle. I love all your projects. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday...I hope. We need to talk crochet...I want to start a project.


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