Friday, July 6, 2012

"Fobulous" key rings

This little project was inspired by these cuties at 

Well, here's how that turned out:

Kind of blah.  I think the little monograms are what make hers so cute, and I was flat running out of time to be cutting and hand stitching felt letters to fabric.

So, I did my best Winnie the Pooh:
Think, think, think...

And came up with this:

Yo-Yo's.  I love them.  I could make them all day long (thanks to this handy little gadget)

I simply stitched two yo-yo's together through their button centers,

slipped a loop of ribbon between them, 

and ran a few stitches on the machine to fasten the ribbon.

Slip in a split ring and a printed tag and they are the perfect little thank you for the classroom assistants.

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  1. Michelle, that's so cute and so useful, I love this, thanks for sharing ! Scraphugs !


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