Monday, April 23, 2012

a little bit of nothing

Probably not the smartest idea to title a blog post with that title.  

Ummm, yeah, here I am and I have nothing at all to say.

OK, that's not entirely true.  Maybe I should have said "a little bit of something."

Let's just get on with it...


I discovered PicMonkey tonight.  Very fun little photo editing site--super easy to navigate and tons of options for editing.  Here's one that I created:

And here's the before, SOOC shot:


The boys went back to school today and that left me with a bit of creative time, so I worked on a mini album using the May Elite kit.

Here's a little Instagram sneak:

Hoping to have more sneaks up later in the week.  


I went to my favorite store,

 over the weekend (alone!) and treated myself to a new latte mug:

Drinking a latte out of a beautiful mug makes mornings (even rainy Monday ones) happy and sunshiny.

So see, I did have a little bit of something to say.  Now you can play around with PicMonkey, be on the lookout for some new projects, and buy yourself a pretty mug.

Aren't you glad you stopped by for a visit?!

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