Thursday, February 9, 2012

Art Journal Wks 4-6

Art journaling.

I'm so green...and unsure.

But I'll keep creating them because I can't give up
I want to fill up this book
I want to play without any rules
I want to learn and try new techniques

Someday I want to have beautiful art like these

For now, here are the past three weeks (and yes, that means I am all caught up!)

Week Four:
The base is pages torn from a holiday Anthropologie catalog.  I simply added in some sketched stars with a Sharpie, and then colored in  some of them with shades of colors (also Sharpies)

Week Five:
This page began as a little experiment with some 7Gypsies color washes I've had for forever.  I tried to make the drips look better by outlining them with black pen.  I didn't like it so I gessoed over it.  Then found string writing on Donna Downey's blog and decided that would be perfect to cover over the mess I had made.

Week Six:
  Just playing with some new mists and the negative leftover from punching the hearts for week 5.  Oh, and some new Smash washi tape--love, love!

 And I'll leave you with these photos of my new baker's twine stash.

Have a beauty-filled day!


  1. wow I admire your art journal.. I don't know if I could this so beautiful. and you had an excellent idea for your twine !
    Hugs VERO

  2. Thanks so much, Vero! And I know you could create gorgeous art journal pages!!

  3. All the three pages are colorful I especially have fallen in love with the second one and the string writing is so neat.

  4. Your pages are just fine(my fave is the "love" string page)-the biggest hurdle is the one you've already jumped over -and that is -to begin-to jump in! Keep it up and you will see your style change and emerge as the pages unfold. And may I say how much I love all the baker's twine in the jar? :)

  5. @ Ariel, thanks so much! I will be trying the string thing again.
    @Linda, thanks for the encouraging words! That empty white page can be intimidating--I will keep at it knowing that I don't always have to love the outcome.

  6. Hey! I love your pages and can't wait to see more of them :)


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