Monday, November 7, 2011

Pinspire Me Monday: Cracked Marble Pendant

Happy Monday!

Time for another...dum da dum dum...

Are you growing to love Monday's?  I think I am.

So here's this week's pin:


Aren't those purty!

When I read how to do this, I just had to try it for myself--it seemed too easy to be true.

I baked mine at 325 for 20 minutes and plopped them into a bowl of cold water.  It worked, though I don't think I achieved quite the same faceted effect as the gorgeous ones above.

I topped it with a bead cap into which I inserted a rounded wire and threaded it onto a satin rope.
I'll be playing with this just a bit more to see if I can get more cracks in my marbles.  Just what I need, right--more cracks in my marbles!

ETA: go ahead and cook them up at 500 degrees for 30 minutes to get more 'crackage.'

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Happy Creating!


  1. I saw this is real life and it was beautiful! Great job Michelle.

  2. Gorgeous... Found the same pot you did and am sitting here just a skeptical,your post helped that!!! My Husband and I collect marbles from everywhere and I would love a necklace from a honeymoon marble CANT WAIT!!!!

  3. Wowee! Great idea, I am making these for Xmas gifts. Thanks :)

  4. How did you attach the bead cap to the bead?


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