Friday, September 23, 2011

a drawing class

I am not a drawer--is that a word?  I mean a person who draws.  Yeah, I'm not one of those.  Give me some paper and scissors and I can make something.  But paper and pencil in my hand and I freeze up.  My hand can never recreate what my eye sees.

On Wednesday, I attended a grant-funded pastel class at my town library.  I love the library for things like this: inter-generational groups of people gathering for culture and creativity.  The teacher was Greg Maichack, a talented and humorous artist who turned an entire room into pastel artists. This is what I had created from a black piece of 11 x14" paper at the end of 2 hours. 
Pastel Calla Lily in the style of Georgia O'Keefe
Greg talked this non-artist through the process of blank page, to reference points, to concave and convex lines, to connecting it all together into a charcoal line drawing.  And finally, marking shadows, using different pastel strokes (like chisel and scumbling), and blending.  I left there proudly with my drawing and chalk covered fingertips, one happy girl!

How about you?  When is the last time you took a class or worked with a new art medium?


  1. Please don't say you are note talented! you are!
    very nice your calla... pastels are not that easy to manage!

  2. Beautiful! I hope you'll do more!


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