Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lego Party!

This past weekend we celebrated our youngest's 6th birthday with a Lego Party!

Here's a break-down of what we did and at the end of the post, I list all the deets:

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Each child received an activities card:
Lego actvities

and pencil when they arrived.  They guessed how many Legos were in the jar while they munched a quick snack.
colorful cupcake wrappers filled with snack mix and served on a giant lego
Then we headed outside for a Lego Hunt:
the goober birthday boy after he found all 5 colors
We headed back inside and the kiddos grabbed a cool drink

before we got into the much more strenuous games: the Tower Race, the Lego Pick-Up, the Lego Toss and Balloon Pop. (and right about here is where I forgot to take photos).

We wrapped up the day with pizza, cupcakes, 
Lego head clipart found here
a pull-string pinata and goodie bags:
made from mini cereal boxes covered with colored paper and small Lego dots {font here; sheet here}
 I followed Delia's tutorial to make the pinata, just substituting paper towel rolls for tin cans and omitting the crepe paper.  I recommend cutting a good sized door.  Mine was about 4x5" and the candy didn't pour out like I had hoped.

Lego Guess--fill a jar with Legos (also makes a nice decoration for the table).  Children write their name and guess (always funny to see the little ones' guesses--either really low {21} or sky high {1 million}!) on a slip of paper and put it in a box wrapped to look like a Lego.  To count: children make stacks of 10 blocks, then count by tens.  The birthday child opens the guess box (a little practice run for the gift opening).

Lego Hunt--hide large Duplo blocks around yard.  Children find one of each color.
Tower Race--have an assortment of Lego bricks and a board for building.  Children build a tower as tall as they can in 1 minute.  You can set this up as a race between children, or just for fun and measure their finished towers.

Lego Pick-up--have two plates a few feet apart.  Children move the Legos from one plate to the other by sucking on a straw.  This one was hard for the little ones.

Balloon-Pop Lego Build--place a few Legos in balloons and blow-up.  Children pop balloons, get the pieces and work together to assemble a Lego creation (the big kids came in handy with this one).

Lego Toss--hot glue strips of colored paper to foam board to make different sized circles.  Number the circles with points. Children toss 10 Legos into the circles and count their points.


The food for this party was all about the color: 

Veggie Rainbow:
 These were originally going to be skewers, but we ran out of steam!
 Fruit Kabobs:

Assorted colored drinks and square cupcakes.

We also had chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats with M&M's buttons to look like Legos.  That was plan C.  I'll let you imagine how Plan A and B went.
This guy was a big hit!

Here's what the food table looked like all put together:

All in all it was a very fun and very exhausting party!  I may just have one more of these shindigs left in me...maybe.


  1. this is out of a good way:)

  2. That is insane! Great party Michelle.

  3. Michelle, you are incredible. I'm imagining a teambuilding exercise for parents -- a Lego Firewalk -- involving running barefoot across a floor full of scattered Legos --

  4. FABULOUS!!! I teach LEGO LEAGUE (gears, levers and robotics) as an afterschool enrichment opportunity. Will "borrow" many of these ideas for our end of year party! THANKS!!


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