Thursday, November 11, 2010

December Planner

A couple of weeks ago I talked about changing up my December Daily project this year since last year's is still in the WIP (work in progress) basket.  Well, I've started working on the divider pages for the album and I think it's going to work out great.  Here's a peek-a-boo at four of them:

For the album, I took a three ring photo album I had picked up a few years ago.
It was pretty darn cute already:

but I covered it with one of the papers from Crate Paper's Joyride line:

It was a tight fit on the 12" paper, so I covered the inside seam with a thin strip of coordinating paper:
The floral is part of the original album--perfect!

Each of the divided sections will hold assorted page protectors (5x7, 3.5 x 5, 4x6, trading cards, and any others I can scrounge up) that will be perfect for photos, memorabilia, journaling tags, etc.  Even as I am typing this, I am thinking of more dividers to make.  

Here's the text for the one's I have so far and a little description of what that section will hold:
The title font is Crystal Wilkerson's Playful; the subtitle is Pushkin

Calendar {the hustle and bustle of the holiday season}
     holiday parties, Christmas pageants, school parties
Traditions {the little things we do each year to make the season special}
     photos of any and all traditions: Santa visit, gingerbread house; music score, list of favorite holiday songs
Gifts to Give {making a list and checking it twice}
     storage for receipts (handy when needed, and fun to look back on), photos of gifts, wrapping paper    
Wish Lists {Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is...}
     copies of the lists the boys write, photos of them writing letters to Santa at the mall
Recipes {crisp apple streudel and schnitzel with noodles, these are a few of our favorite things}
     recipes from the holidays, cookie baking photos
Greetings {a little smile, a word of cheer, best wishes for the coming year}
     copy of our holiday card, holiday card list, cards from others
Decorations {deck the halls with boughs of holly}
     photos of our decorations, tree, and the process of putting them up.

I am super excited about this album.  I love the organized format, the amount of information it will hold, and that it is also a scrapbook of our memories.  And most of all, I love that I can capture it all and enjoy it without the lurking feeling of being "behind" on the daily entries.

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  1. This is awesome. I'm doing the December Daily for the first time this year, but I love how you changed it to encompass everything without worrying about the daily part. It looks great!


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