Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Butterfly Projects

You know how deeply in love I am with these butterflies, so it's no surprise they are popping up on little projects everywhere:

I'll never pull this headband off in public, but it's fun for a little photo shoot!

A jumbo clippie bookmark

Accent on a laptop sleeve. This is actually made from a pillow sham. Hope I can make another one and share the step-by-step with you.


  1. the jumbo paperclip is so cute. It would make a great bookmark!

  2. I demand that you wear that headband to karate can and you should pull it off!

  3. WOW!!! Your butterflies came out so freaking COOL!! I love that little headband! I say you wear it! It's too cute not to wear!

  4. Hey, I would wear that headband! Looks fab, in a slightly 1920s sort of way. Can you do the charleston?! These fabric squishies are just great aren't they? Came here via Lolly. I will have a good browse through your stuff once I've, ahem, made the kids' tea like I should have done half an hour ago...
    x x x

  5. Aaak! You can totally pull off that butterfly headband! That is freaking adorable. Sew glad to know there are other Lolly lovers out there! Isn't she the best? Your blog is adorable, BTW!!


  6. PLEASE wear the headband in public! It would be so sad at home all by itself... :( It's SO CUTE!


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