Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Christening {and how to use a font to write your title}

All I asked for this Mothers Day was a bit of time alone to scrapbook. I didn't get as much time as I had hoped (does anyone?!), but I did manage to get one layout done. That was enough to make me happy.

Of course, as I often do, I had laid out this page and even glued things in place before I thought to print my title onto the background paper. Not a huge deal, though, since I have a little trick up my sleeve I learned in sixth grade art class with Mr. Paquette. This little tutorial may come in handy for those of you that scrapbook 12x12 and don't have a wide format printer.

First measure the space on your layout for the title and create a text box in that size in Word. Format your text to fit the box and print out on regular printer paper.
Scribble on the back side of this printout with a pencil being sure to cover all areas of text (hold it up to a window or lamp to double check).
Place the printout in the desired place on your layout and carefully trace over the title. The scribbles on the back will transfer to your layout--magic!!Use a pen or marker (or thread, or puffy paint, or...) to trace over the words. Erase any stray pencil marks.Isn't that so easy, and so fantastic! Thanks Mr. P!!

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