Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A happy afternoon

I picked up this fabulous find at, of all places, The Christmas Tree Shop. I love it! And after setting her up in my stUdio, I promptly decided that she needed a touch of spring. Voila, accordion-folded flowers out of the vase and onto the dress form.
I also picked up a 3 foot shelf (today was my lucky day at CTS) to store my newly organized rainbow ephemera. I have this crazy habit of saving all kinds of doo-dads: tags from clothing, pockets from old, torn blue jeans, bits of ribbon scraps (I just can't throw this stuff away), colored tickets from carnivals and raffles, pieces of junk mail, paint chips. This is great stuff for scrapbooking and other projects and what's best: it's free! I went through all of my ephemera and sorted it by color to be arranged in rainbow order (rainbows make me happy). It serves double-duty as decoration and stash.

And while I was at it, I couldn't stop myself from taking down my display rods (to be rehung out of sunlight's harm), moving a poster, and redoing the peg-board. All-in-all a happy afternoon of decorating, organizing, and creating a happier stUdio.
(I did not repaint my apothecary cabinet, though it is in dire need. Very fun to try out new colors in Photoshop!)

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  1. Reading how you save up stuff even the clothes labels struck a cord in me... lol... I am the same! My hubby is aghast at the kinds of stuff I have kept in the drawers! Oh, and I have Ali Edwards poster framed in front of me for inspiration... Yours is cool though! :-)


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